Hot Trends: Granite and Marble Slab Ideas for Your GTA Home

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There are many hot trends for granite and marble slab use in home renovations to increase home values across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Keep reading for more ideas.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms across the GTA are being turned into luxurious spa-like retreats where homeowners can soak their cares away in a whirlpool tub. A stand-alone deep soaker tub or whirlpool tub is the first step to transforming your bathroom into a refuge. Imagine that tub surrounded by granite or marble slabs, an elegant floor that just seems to go on forever. If you decide to raise the tub, using marble or granite for the steps creates a majestic impression of exclusivity. It has a "wow” factor that will impress prospective buyers. Of course, you may not be interested in selling once you have a bathroom this beautiful.
You can also update the shower by adding granite accessories. Seats and extra shelves are extremely popular right now, giving you a place to put everything—even yourself.
Your luxurious spa bathroom wouldn’t be complete without a crackling fireplace. This hot trend lets you sink into your tub with a glass of wine while you watch your firelight shimmer, reflected from a marble fireplace. Granite is also an excellent choice; it’s low maintenance, making it easy to live with for years.

Granite and Marble in the Kitchen

When it comes to popularity in the kitchen, granite is the undisputed winner. It’s durable and stain-resistant, making it a good choice. As much as people love marble, it’s a high maintenance choice for kitchens. Marble is soft, stains easily, and isn’t moisture-resistant. If acidic liquids, like soda or vinegar, spill on marble, there’s a possibility of permanent damage through pitting and etching.
Fortunately, you can combine your love of marble slabs with the practicality of granite by choosing one of the many types of granite that mimic the appearance of marble. You can find granite that has delicate veining or bold, swirling patterns. Ask the fabricator or renovator about your options, or visit a warehouse or quarry yourself. You can find the right slabs for your project and then have your fabricator pick the slabs up later. Then you’ll have the elegance of marble with the lower maintenance of granite.
If you are worried about the popularity of granite and marble turning your kitchen renovation into just another luxury kitchen that won’t stand out from the pack, take another look at the colours and styles available to you. You can find marble and granite available in both blue and red, along with other exciting colours.
It’s important to look at the colours already present in your kitchen. Look at the walls, cabinets, curtains—even the amount of natural light your kitchen gets. If the colours are already dark, or if there’s little natural light, it makes sense to choose a lighter colour for your marble or granite countertop. If your heart is set on black or dark blue, choose one with golden or white flecks for extra light, but be ready for a kitchen that may be overpowering and a little dark. You may need to switch your lighting to brighten the room.
With a little planning, you can turn your granite and marble slab into a masterpiece during your GTA home renovation.